Smart Neck Physical Therapy Massager

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Wireless Controller

Vibrating Massage

Magnetic Effect

Hot Moxibustion

Full Smartness

Electrical Pulse

3d Smart fitness, comfortable in use

Keeping Cerivcal without Pain

3d Smart fitness, comfortable in use

Keeping Cerivcal without Pain

Vibrating massage

With 3 levels intensity, 6 kinds of massage ways, such as: Shiatsu, acupuncture, scratch, vibration, beating, rolling.

Six different massage modes

By combination of far infrared heating, Electric Impulse, Vibration Massage, give you a special feeling.

Suitable for the curve of the neck

With the latest 3D Automatic Lamination Technology, it can easily adjust the electrode according to the neck curve to make people more comfortable. Flexible wings design to fit different size of the neck.

Low Frequency Electronic Impulse

16 levels intensity and 6 type impulses, it can accelerate blood circulation and relax muscle.

Product Instructions


Charging Switch

Floating Stainless Steel

Switch Mode Button

High Strength, Low Intensity Button




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